Usability:Eduactiv8 Mobile

Eduactiv8 is a free and open-source desktop application designed to engage children and provide learning opportunities through simple activities. It incorporates both math/science and language arts as categories for children to explore. These categories can be explored in over ten different languages making it available for children all over the world. In order to be accessible aside from the desktop application, EduActiv8 has sought out a mobile interface that can be used on both iOS and Android devices. My colleagues and I had the opportunity of conducting usability testing for the mobile version of EduActiv8: Language Arts. To view the application please press the button below.

Tools Used: Adobe Illustrator, Apple iPad, Apple iPhone

Current Interface: 


Persona: We were given a modest description of EduActiv8 and its background, other than knowing that children were the targeted audience for this application. In order to grasp a better idea of our subject, I created a persona. The persona’s main goal or objective is to use an application in their native language to learn and preserve their heritage.


Usability Test: My colleagues and I created a plan for usability testing that was used before the test was conducted. The test includes the tasks and scenarios participants were expected to complete as well as the respective roles and procedures for our group to execute during the tests.

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