Application mockup

As a woman, I have personally encountered the hardships of shopping for apparel online. It can be very challenging to read and understand the size differentials across various shopping networks. There is always some form of uncertainty and insecurity when purchasing something you can not physically touch. HerFit is an application created to help women determine their size within different categories of clothing. HerFit can be used for both online and in-store purchases. Its primary purpose is to recommend sizes from different brands, stores, and categories to the user based on their customized body metrics that are simulated by the 3D model or entered manually. HerFit is presented in three parts (problem, prototype, solution) each section allows users both familiar and unfamiliar with the issue to understand the application's purpose as well as engaging with its features. To view and engage with the proposal press the button below.

Tools Used: Adobe XD, Blender, Brackets.io, Daz Studio, Unreal Engine

Persona: To begin, I created a persona for the type of user that I expect to use my application. The user, Christina Jackson, is a 22-year-old female who enjoys shopping online. Christina’s main issue is that the lack of uniformity of sizes makes it hard for her to know and remember her exact measurements for each brand/store. Her goal is to easily find her size across various platforms and to eliminate product insecurity.

clothing persona

Data Collection: I generated a survey that asked participants (female, ages 21-30) questions about their online experience in relation to size charts and online purchases. I received 13 out of 20 responses, many of which stated a negative experience with the current status of online shopping.

Sketches: I created two versions of sketches, the first was very basic and did not include any labels. The second was more detailed and includes labels.

Application sketches

Prototype: Before creating the prototype I created a user task flow chart to sort out the possible routes users may take when navigating through the application.

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