North Carolina Lottery Kiosk Redesign

The North Carolina (NC) Lottery kiosk is a device found in select grocery stores that allow users to self-service themselves in regard to purchasing scratch-off tickets. Although a simple concept, the functionality of this machine has proposed many questions for its users-- “how does it work”? Upon user observation, I noticed that the primary issue of the interface was that it did not have clear and precise directions on how to go about scanning your id, inserting payment, and when selection occurs. To view the redesign of the kiosk’s interface press the button below.

Tools Used: Adobe Illustrator, Invision Studio

Persona: The current users of the self-service machine are aged between 18-65. With that being said, a variety of customers may interact with the machine, each with different wants and needs, creating a need for multiple personas which are shown below.

Current Interface: The secondary issue was that consumers felt that it was difficult to determine what tickets they were able to purchase. Users felt they should be able to glance at different tickets on the screen and immediately make selections. However, the size differentials of price and quantity made users hesitant and reconsider their decisions, adding to the length of the transaction process. As for the tertiary issue, users were unaware that the kiosk does not distribute change. For example, inserting a 20-dollar bill into the system means the user must purchase $20.00 of scratch-off tickets. Many users saw this as an inconvenience and became upset that the system did not warn them of this before or during the payment process.


Redesign: The redesign encourages larger items and buttons to make it easier for users to interact with. The prototype begins with the main screen showing the variety of tickets to choose from. Tapping on any of the tickets activates an overlaid screen that provides users with guided steps to purchase (1. Scan ID, 2. Payment, 3. Selection). This screen also provides a "machine does not give change" message letting the user know that the machine will not give them change. The last screen provides users with a “cart” or receipt that displays all their selected tickets before they decide to complete their purchase. This screen displays the image of the item, name, price, and quantity along with the total price of the selected items. As a design preference, unavailable tickets were grayed out to help the user navigate by creating less clutter and confusion on screen. Selections were also enlarged to show detail for users that may have issues with vision.

NC Kiosk-home.jpg
NC Kiosk-select.jpg
NC Kiosk-Thank You.jpg

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