Yofridge is a fictitious application designed to help users become creative in the kitchen. I created this prototype to encourage users to use whatever they have in the kitchen and create a meal. People, myself included, can waste a great amount of food because they get bored with it. Consuming the same meals over and over can decrease the overall desire to cook. Yofridge is designed to increase that desire by simply allowing the user to enter items they currently have in their refrigerator/pantry. The application will then generate recipes based on the ingredients the user has selected. The application also includes a section for videos as well as standard recipes. 

Tools Used: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD

Cooking application
pasta recipe
budget meals

Persona: This persona represents the average mother who wants to impress her family in the kitchen. I created Jalisa Haygood as wife and mother, as a sociable outgoing person who lacks creativity in the kitchen. This would allude that she may enjoy going to potlucks/dinner parties and other social events where food is served. I wanted the persona to relate to an audience of people with families, friends, and enjoy cooking for them.  

Cooking persona


Sketches of cooking application
Sketches of cooking application

Sketches for layout of homepage (left) and Yo'videos (right).

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Sketches of cooking application
Sketches of cooking application

Sketches of Yo'recipes (left) and saved recipes (right).

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