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The projects below display examples of social media marketing. The following examples are from my role as Digital Marketing Specialist at Southern Foods. 


Southern Foods is a food processing company that has combined experience with the meat, seafood, and fulfillment industry. Southern Foods was adopted into the Cheney Brothers Inc. family in 2018. The new affiliation created the need for rebranding and marketing of Southern Foods. I took on the role of digital marketing specialist in April 2022 and began using my design skills in order to bring life to their social media presence. 


As the digital marketing specialist, I had various duties such as: creating/posting content for social media, creating marketing materials (print ads, digital ads, electronic newsletters, store merchandise) & redesigning/managing the company’s ecommerce site

 I started this project by creating a social media audit as well as a social media marketing plan. After doing so, I created surveys to get consumer feedback on the current store’s operations and website structure. For more details feel free to view the PDF files below. 

Social Media & Electronic Newsletter

Social Media: I managed both Facebook & Instagram accounts for Southern Foods. As part of the social media marketing plan primary goals included: Increasing foot traffic to the retail store, increasing traffic to the ecommerce site, gaining more subscribers/followers, and boosting engagement. I used Facebook’s Meta Business Suite(MBS) to post and manage both platforms at once. I was able to boost reach and engagement by increasing the frequency of posts by scheduling posts through MBS. I created a content calendar where I organized content to have two posts for each platform a week and developed a voice for the company’s pages.

Electonic Newsletter: I managed the company’s electronic newsletter via MailChimp. I changed the layout of the previous campaigns that were primarily focused on the retail store’s traffic. The redesign integrated the company’s online store via Woocommerce, in order to create awareness of the ecommerce site as well as tracking the click-through rates and conversions in the emails. I created the new design to be informative for both the brick & mortar consumer and the online consumer. Doing so, the newsletter’s list increased by 360 subscribers from April 2022-Dec. 2022, ending the year with over 1,000 subscribers.

Marketing Materials

I created various types of media for Southern Foods. Grocery bags, boxes, newspaper ads, billboards, flyers, package inserts, gift cards, and more!


Please use the gallery below to see examples of my work.

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